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Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Service

  • For large organisations
  • Publicly available information
  • Legally part of the Directors Report
  • Carbonbit specialist support

What is SECR?

There is much more responsibility on organisations to choose how they want to measure and report their emissions. Specific organisations are obliged to report on figures regarding their energy efficiency measures. Carbonbit is here to help ensure you meet all reporting requirements and legislation.

The Main Objectives of SECR Reporting

  • Reduce the overall administrative burdens on participants
  • Improve the incentive for organisations to increase energy efficiency action by improving measures in place to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions
  • Drive behaviour changes by raising awareness of energy efficiency with organisational decision-makers
  • Boost the importance of energy efficiency concerning the effect on an organisation’s reputation
  • Increase transparency for investors and others so that companies can be held accountable

Carbonbit will help you develop your SECR roadmap and streamline your reporting procedures to maximise efficiency and optimise disclosure.

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