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Our Team

Our team consists of a wide range of consulting expertise that allows us to feed relevant skills and experience into sustainability assignments. The high level of qualified support you get is aligned with a strong value set and commitment to doing good. Please meet some of your experts:


Managing Consultant

Philip has consulted across multiple sectors at senior sustainability management levels for nearly 20 years

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His strong strategic understanding of large corporates and their sustainability risk profiles, allows him to add value across the full ESG, TCFD, net zero and sustainability disclosure spectrum. Working alongside some of the world’s leading global companies in sectors including Tech, Finance, Retail, Real Estate, FMCG and Manufacturing / Distribution, he provides strategic yet practical and detailed advice on a wide range of sustainability topics affecting multiple stakeholders. This includes CSR marketing and comms interventions as companies grapple with mandatory and discretionary disclosure requirements.


Principal Solutions Consultant

John has 35+ years’ experience of energy and sustainability consulting. A Chartered Engineer and CEM, 

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he has long term involvement with UK and international programmes including ESOS, SECR, ISO50001 and ISO14001. His international experience spans the former Soviet Union and North America. He is an author of EEBPP and Carbon Trust publications and is highly skilled in the leading international sustainability accreditations. John has been involved in ESG reporting and due diligence with global corporates across a wide range of sectors.


Principal Consultant

Susan specialises in Low Carbon, Sustainable buildings. She has over 25 years’ experience working with

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design and construction teams to change and adopt new ways of working for a low carbon future. She has advised on projects from inception to post construction up to £800M in the public sector, as well as the commercial, leisure, retail and residential sectors, both in the UK and internationally. Susan is also a Chartered Building Services Engineer with 19 years design experience in building services consultancy and contracting and is a BREEAM assessor and AP. She is also a LEED AP BD+C and RPEC plus LCS and LCC.


Principal Consultant

Becky is a CSR and Sustainability Professional with 20+ years’ experience working with global companies and

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global sustainability projects. Becky is a Carbonbit lead on ISO 14001 and 50001 management standards. She has consulted on Environmental Management and Sustainable Procurement and holds 3 Environmental Degrees. Included in her portfolio is carbon footprinting, life cycle analysis to various ISO/PAS frameworks and calculating Scope 1, 2 and 3 impacts. Becky has been involved in sustainability assurance projects and is a Lead Auditor providing data audits, ethical audits and LCA assurance for international certification bodies.



Junior Consultant

Tonmoyee has an MSc in Sustainability and the Environment and has a civil engineering background.

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As an Associate Consultant, she specialises in ESG reporting and assurance and energy auditing. She holds a key data analysis role within the team with high level skills in energy efficiency and alternative energy systems. She is engaged in sustainability projects and supports the wider sustainability team across all sectors.


Senior Consultant

A Senior Consultant and commercial trainer, Lorraine has over 20 years’ lecturing experience and is our

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lead ESG / TCFD assurance consultant. She has exceptional face-to-face delivery skills in addition to e-learning expertise (both recorded and live) and can seamlessly switch between different training modes to give optimum benefit in terms of both cost and outcomes. Lorraine has worked alongside multiple global clients.


Compliance Services Lead

Julie has 15+ years’ extensive experience managing a wide range of sustainability and energy compliance

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and risk management services. Working with a variety of key stakeholders in the public and private sectors, she combines expert knowledge with hands on project delivery, often in sensitive commercial environments. Her experience extends to ECM design and consistent delivery of professional output, also drawing on excellent communication skills.


Senior Consultant

Shivaji has extensive international experience of energy and carbon related projects. He has CMVP®,

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Certified Energy Auditor, ISO50001 Lead Auditor, ISO 14064 and ISO 14001 accreditations, with 17+ years of experience in Energy, Sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment, Advisory Services and Third Party Verification & Certification Services. He also has extensive experience in ESCO projects, Climate Change mitigation, Carbon Management and GHG accounting.


Senior Consultant

Chandan is a specialist Energy Efficiency Engineer. He holds Certified Energy Auditor (CEA),

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CMVP, ISO 50001:2018 Lead Auditor, PMP and LEED AP BD+C certifications. He has managed sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective energy efficiency projects with 10%-30% saving per year. His experience extends to sustainability reporting, GRI standards, GHG accounting, SBTi and TCFD scenario analysis.



Roberto has a background in Architecture, a degree in Construction Management, a Masters

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in Sustainable Architecture, and a PhD in how the built environment is contributing to environmental degradation. Apart from his general energy and sustainability knowledge, Roberto’s international experience within the construction industry complements his specialisms in sustainable construction, LEED and BREEAM. He is a 50001 auditor and has worked with companies across the UK, helping them quantify carbon footprints and implement decarbonisation strategies.



Peter is a professional, adaptable and solution focused QHSE consultant. As a Compliance Manager he also has

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a wealth of Fire Protection Management experience and qualifications. He is a fully qualified Lead Auditor and an expert in the implementation and management of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 across all our sustainability projects.



Sophia is a leading member of our LEED and WELL certification Team based in Cleveland, Ohio, the

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base for our operations in North America. Sophia has provided LEED gap analysis and certification services across multiple sectors and with global organisations, applying her patient, detailed and client focussed approach to all her projects.



Mark is a Senior Energy Assessor with over 17 years of energy auditing experience. He is certified to Level 5 in

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Energy Assessments and a background in construction and Computer Aided Design (CAD) Mark brings a high level of technical expertise to the table and has conducted over 1,200 EPBD / EED certified energy assessments for a range of real estate including data centres, industrial premises, logistics centres and offices – for both public and private sectors. He is also and ESOS and DEC Assessor.



James has broad experience in Air-conditioning/HVAC and Service Engineering plus a specialist trainer in

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these fields. He has 15+ years’ experience in service operations with focus on air-conditioning equipment service support, client servicing and overall workshop operations. James is well versed in managing service work on all types of Split Systems, VRV/VRF systems and DX systems.

Our Expertise and Experience

Choosing us as your sustainability consultancy means partnering with a team of experts who are dedicated to helping your organisation achieve its sustainability goals. Here are some reasons why we believe we’re the right choice:

  • Expertise: Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in sustainability, including environmental science, renewable energy, sustainable supply chain management, circular economy, and sustainability reporting. We are well-equipped to provide customised solutions that fit your unique needs and challenges.
  • Results-oriented approach: We take a practical, results-oriented approach to sustainability. We focus on delivering measurable results that help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance your sustainability performance. Our approach is designed to deliver tangible value to your organisation.
  • Collaborative partnership: We view ourselves as partners with our clients, and we work closely with you to understand your needs, goals, and challenges. We believe in a collaborative approach that involves your team in the process, ensuring that our solutions are aligned with your organisation’s values and priorities.
  • Innovative solutions: We are committed to staying at the forefront of sustainability trends and best practices. We bring a creative and innovative approach to solving sustainability challenges, exploring new technologies, and finding new ways to create value for our clients.

Choosing us as your sustainability consultancy means partnering with a team that is dedicated to delivering results, innovative solutions, and a collaborative approach. We’re committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals while creating value for your organization and stakeholders.

Our Commitment Towards Sustainability and Environment

We walk the talk. We are committed to using business as a force for good. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, and we bring that same commitment to our clients.

Our Customized and Innovative Solutions

As a sustainability consultancy, we understand that every organization is unique, and therefore, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for sustainability challenges. We provide customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, challenges, and goals. We take a comprehensive approach to sustainability, considering environmental, social, and economic factors and working with you to identify the most effective strategies and initiatives.

We bring a creative and innovative approach to solving sustainability challenges. We explore new technologies, cutting-edge practices, and emerging trends to develop solutions that are innovative, effective, and practical. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of sustainability best practices and trends, so we can provide you with the most up-to-date and effective solutions.

Our customised and innovative solutions are designed to deliver measurable results that help you achieve your sustainability goals while creating value for your organization. We believe that sustainability is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also good for business. Our solutions are designed to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance your brand reputation, among other benefits.

Overall, our approach to providing customized and innovative solutions involves understanding your organization’s unique needs, challenges, and goals and developing practical and effective solutions that deliver measurable results. We believe that sustainability is a journey, and we’re committed to partnering with you to help you achieve your sustainability goals and create a more sustainable future

Our Approach

As a sustainability consultancy, our approach to work is based on a deep understanding of the interconnectivity between environmental, social, and economic factors. We take a comprehensive approach that considers the impact of your organisation’s operations on the planet, people, and profits. Here are some key elements of our approach to work as a sustainability consultancy:

  • Holistic perspective: We take a holistic approach to sustainability, recognizing that environmental, social, and economic factors are all interconnected. We work with you to understand the complex relationships between these factors and develop strategies that address all aspects of sustainability.
  • Customized solutions: We recognize that every organisation is unique, with its own set of sustainability challenges and goals. We provide customized solutions that are tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, challenges, and goals. Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable results that help you achieve your sustainability objectives.
  • Stakeholder engagement: We believe that sustainability is a collaborative effort that requires the engagement of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and the community. We work with you to develop strategies that engage stakeholders and promote sustainability at all levels of your organisation.
  • Data-driven approach: We use data to inform our sustainability strategies and initiatives. We collect and analyse data on your organization’s environmental, social, and economic performance, and use that data to identify opportunities for improvement and develop effective solutions.
  • Continuous improvement: We believe that sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to helping your organization achieve its sustainability goals over the long term. We work with you to establish goals and metrics to track progress and continuously improve your sustainability performance.

We take a holistic perspective, providing customised solutions, engaging stakeholders, using data to inform decision-making, and striving for continuous improvement. We are committed to helping your organization achieve its sustainability objectives and create a more sustainable future.