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(Display Energy Certificates)

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Your DEC needs to be shown publicly and updated every year.

What is the Purpose of DECs?

DECs (Display Energy Certificates) raise public awareness of the energy usage of public buildings and inform visitors about energy use. DECs are operational ratings and promote energy performance improvement in public buildings.

Who Needs a DEC? And How Often Are They Required?

Any public building with a total floor area of over 250m2 requires a DEC rating. For properties with more than 1,000m2 of used floor, the DEC is valid for 12 months, although the Advisory Reports are valid for 7 years. When a building has a total functional floor area of between 250m2 and 1000m2, the DEC and the Advisory Report are valid for ten years.

How Are DECs Measured?

A DEC rating is based on the actual amount of metered energy used by the building over the last 12 months, within the validity period of the DEC.

The Compliance team at Carbonbit will collate the metered data along with information about the gross internal floor area of the building and the operating hours, requiring owners and/or tenants of public buildings need to keep records of all energy used, assuming it is being used as a public building.

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