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CDP Reporting

  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Engage your supply chain
  • Opportunity prioritization
  • Risk management


As partners in CDP Carbonbit are integrated into the world’s foremost supply chain management protocols. It allows large organisations to benchmark their performance against their peers and gives transparency to investors in their investment decisions and in the avoidance of stranded assets with regard to climate change.

CDP runs the global disclosure system that enables large companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their environmental impacts. They have built the most comprehensive collection of self-reported environmental data in the world.

At Carbonbit we transform that data into detailed analysis on critical environmental risks, opportunities and impacts throughout your supply chain. For the average company, the environmental impact of your supply chain is many times that of your own operations. By working with Carbonbit and CDP to engage your supply chain, you can pinpoint risks, identify opportunities, meet your targets, reduce your energy use and waste and ensure you are sourcing commodities sustainably.

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